Festival Season has started! You want to go there especially well equipped to enjoy the event all the more. Your store offers in many ways the perfect equipment and stylish clothing for it? Then it’s time to present it that way! Perhaps even through cross-selling across categories!

Festival outfit inspiration

Festival Shorts Look

Where you are traveling with limited luggage, the outfit must be selected in advance. It should be coherent, stylish, weather compliant but also comfortable. After all, you spend the day in it – dancing in front of the stages, chilling on blankets and having to walk across wide meadows in it every now and then.

For instance, jean shorts are a great choice for hot days, as well as a bag that you don’t have to hold in your hands, but in which you can fit everything you don’t want to leave lying around in the tent.

On colder days, however, denim pants, for example, are a great alternative with an airy cardigan to throw over them. You can vary a lot, but one thing always remains the same: You need sturdy footwear that neither raindrops nor muddy meadows can damage.

Festival jeanshose look

Festival Equipment Inspiration

Festival equipment

Yes, at festivals you don’t sleep very much. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use a well-equipped place to retreat to. A good flashlight and a light folding chair that you can take with you everywhere are part of the basic equipment in any case, even if you don’t like camping.

Cross-selling inspiration from both categories

Why should you limit yourself to just outfits or equipment, if you offer both product categories in your store? With our Complete-the-Look technology, it is possible to combine items from both areas into a coherent, practical look without any extra effort or additional tools.

Your assortment has nothing to do with festivals, but is also cross-category? And you would like to combine them with cross-selling? Then get in touch with us for a Demo!

festival cross selling look

But you don’t have the time or inspiration to combine the categories? Then get in touch with us, too, because our experts will be happy to support you or do it for you – depending on what you prefer!