Why Email Marketing is Your Shop Window

shop window email marketing

Your shop window attracted a customer. You did everything you could to make her customer journey as pleasant as possible: you have many trendy items in your store. You showed her similar skirts to the one she was looking at on the item detail page. You offered her a matching shirt, summer sandals, sunglasses and beach bag, with the sunglasses and sandals also finding their way into the shopping cart. From the shopping cart, it went swiftly to completion with just a few clicks through a simple payment method and choice of delivery option. You’re happy, she’s happy. This is where the Journey could end with a happy ending, right?

How does the customer become a regular customer?

No! You have mastered the challenge of a successful sale, but now the next challenge begins: How do you turn the customer into a regular customer who comes back to your webshop again and again? Sleeping customers or one-time customers are a common problem for online stores. After all, the customer who just bought the skirt won’t just happen to walk by your store a few days later and see a dress in your store window that she also really likes, as is possible in brick-and-mortar stores. So how can you inspire the customer and invite her to visit your store again?

Now it's the turn of email marketing as your shop window

This challenge is met by the email solution from Visualytics, which is already in touch with customers as soon as they register. This makes it possible to recommend products that are similar to the purchased item in the order confirmation e-mail. For example, another skirt in a similar color or the same skirt again in blue. In addition to the role of a shop window, good email marketing can also take on the role of an advising salesperson and advise the customer from the very first email: fashionably up-to-date and stylistically confident with fashion or furnishing articles, functional and chic with sports articles, sensible and practical with cross-category sets.
For example, product recommendation emails help increase sales and revenue by targeting items that customers are more likely to buy. It can also draw attention to items that you want to sell, for example, and are similar to the reviewed items. To stay with the store window example: You direct the spotlight on the items that the customer with the skirt may also like!

Where can Visualytics email solution be used?

The uses are as varied as the emails in email marketing. Here are a few examples:

    • Shopping cart abandonment mails
    • Order confirmation mails
    • Shipping confirmation mails
    • Returns confirmation mails
    • Cancellation mails
    • Back in stock mails
    • Reactivation mails
    • Customer loyalty mails (vouchers etc.)
    • Customer appreciation mails
    • Follow-up mails after a certain time interval
    • Newsletters


Customers feel recognized and addressed because they receive an offer that is customized to them.

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Is that compliant with the GDPR?

Yes, it is indeed, because the artificial intelligence specialized in image analysis and picks out the images with a degree of similarity, which legally allow a GDPR-compliant recommendation – images that are really similar to the purchased product.

How can I integrate visualytics into the emails?

Just as the widget can be customized to match the look and feel of your store, the product recommendations in your emails can be visually customized to perfectly match your store. After all, you want them to integrate seamlessly into the email. The integration of the widget is uncomplicated and fast (see also our blog post). The handling of the tool is intuitive and uncomplicated, saves your employees a lot of work. And your customers see a larger part of the assortment, which also suits their taste. They always get new inspirations that invite them into your store like a store window.

What exactly the mails will look like: There are no limits to your creativity! However, if you would like to have support on where and how you can use the product recommendations, then write to us. We’ll be happy to help you bring your shop window to life!