Our Recommendation-Engine

for your Online Shop

Image recognition by AI

Our AI recognizes visually similar articles and suggests them to the visitors.
Your customers are led quickly to the desired product and inspired by further articles.

Complete the Look 1

No customer wants to be perceived as part of the mass. An individual and personalized shopping experience respects this need.


Customer experiences that leave nothing to be desired, have led to high expectations to the retail trade. Artificial intelligence can help.


The focus is on added value for the customer: Relevant content at the right timelead the customer quickly to her destination and strengthen customer loyalty.

In nur 4 Schritten zu einem skalierbaren und langlebigen Outfit

Step 1: Choose a name, type and categories of your outfit

At least 3 categories must be selected, a maximum of 6 can be selected.

Complete the Look 2
Complete the Look 3
Complete the Look 4

Step 2: Selection of a product

Select the reference items you want your outfit to consist of. Then filter your product between Shape and Color, Same and Somehow, Price Range, Sorting and Brands. At the end there should be approx. 5 -8 displayed products.

Step 3: Check your look in the preview and save it

As you can see, the outfits are very similar, but only the reference products are the same. The other products have changed individually.

Complete the Look
Complete the Look

Step 4: Put the look live

In a few seconds this or a look based on it can be displayed in the shop, in a customer mail or in the newsletter.

How many articles does one look cover?

A selected look already covers hundreds of items, so you don’t need a look for every article.

What are
the advantages?

Our image recognition automatically includes similar items – This saves time and significantly increases cross-selling potential.

What possibilities do I have to create the look?

The articles are displayed with similar alternatives and can be filtered in advance according to price and brand

What happens if an item is sold out?

For sold out or unavailable items suitable alternatives are automatically displayed

Other Use Cases that can be applied with Complete the Look

Complete the Look in order confirmations

The article already ordered by the customer becomes the reference product. This allows automated outfit suggestions to be integrated into mailings and sent out. In case there is no outfit suggestion, Top Performer Looks are used as a fallback solution.

Complete the Look 5
Complete the Look 6

Complete the Look on the product detail page

Suitable alternatives are automatically displayed for sold-out articles

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