The mood at the hot sales time 2020

The mood at the hot sales time 2020

Black Friday, Christmas time and Corona

What is the mood in
e-commerce in this very special year?

Opinions are divided on Black Friday 2020. Some are pessimistic, especially after the price comparison portal Idealo found out in a survey that two out of three consumers want to spend less money on Black Friday this year than in 2019. 75% of those surveyed now want to think particularly carefully about whether they really need a product. And they also immediately provided a reason for this: for a good tenth of those surveyed, the financial situation has worsened over the course of 2020 due to the pandemic. (Source:

77% intend to make a purchase on Black Friday

So much for the negative side. On the other hand, we see the survey of the market research company Appinio, in which 77% of respondents stated that they intend to shop on Black Friday, which would be an increase of 16.7% compared to the previous year. The survey also revealed that a slightly higher budget would be planned for Black Friday shopping (source:

In any case, 69% of respondents plan to store online and avoid visiting local stores, especially at the current time, when infection figures continue to show an upward trend.

41% want to shop online more than before

The same applies to Christmas shopping: A representative survey conducted by IFH Cologne in collaboration with service providers Sitecore and revealed that one in two wants to avoid the crowds in the city center when hunting for Christmas presents. 41% of respondents even said they will shop online more than before. (Source: Internet World)

Feedback from our customers

So we are naturally very interested to know what the mood is among our customers and how this year differs from previous years. To our delight, they are quite positive!

Atelier GS, for example, is more likely to see an increase as they are able to implement the learnings generated in recent years. Nina Klöhn, Online Marketing Manager Atelier Goldner Schnitt: “Overall, however, it is of course a difficult time, as our target group in particular is strongly affected by the pandemic.” For their female customers, they have come up with something special. Nina Klöhn: “To be close to our female customers during this time and to entertain them, we have also introduced a new video magazine.”

Atelier Goldner Schnitt

At Hirmer, Annette Fabisiewicz, Head of E-Commerce Marketing, is looking forward to this time with excitement: “In 2020, it is all the more important for us to expand our Black Friday offer online and thus be able to offer our users even better deals. This year, everything is different! So of course we are very excited to see how this will be received by our customers.”

There is no sign of negativity in the Witt Group either. “On the whole, nothing is different and the mood is almost as usual, only this year from the home office,” report Theresa Hösl (Junior Marketing Manager) and Tina Lebegern (Junior Marketing Manager) from the Witt Group. So for this time again some actions are planned, among other things a 13 days long Pre-Sale in the on-line marketing channels and afterwards for 2 weeks the regular Black Sale. Also as in the last years, there will be an advent calendar with 24 doors with different topics like sales promotions, content or assortment actions.

Witt Weiden

The hot sales season has kicked off, customers can look forward to great deals and e-commerce can look forward to good sales. We wish everyone every success!

Peter Scholzuk talks about Picalike in the CRM Podcast!

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Nico Zorn interviews Peter Scholzuk in the CRM Podcast

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Peter also reports on what works well in operational email marketing in his experience. He also discusses the aspects of individualization and automation in email marketing. Of course, Picalike was also mentioned in the course!

For all those who do not yet know the CRM Podcast: In this podcast, Nico Zorn, co-founder of the CRM and email marketing agency Saphiron, talks about current best practices and proven strategies for good customer relationship management. Of course, new tools and technologies are not to be missed. Some people know Nico Zorn from the, which he has been publishing since 2003.

Peter Scholzuk talks about us in the CRM Podcast! 2Listen
is worth
in any case!

If you’d like to learn even more about how we help Witt Group with email marketing, download our Case Study!

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