15. August 2023

Talk with Sebastian about Bestseller and Trends

TALK WITH SEBASTIAN ABOUT BESTSELLER AND TRENDS Recently,  new features have been added to the Visualytics Suite: The ability to showcase the store’s bestsellers or current […]
15. August 2023

How Home Office Can Look in Summer Time

HOW HOME OFFICE CAN LOOK IN SUMMERTIME It is summer! In order to recommend the perfect product set, the online store must always be up to […]
15. August 2023

Enjoy Your Garden in the Rain

ENJOY YOUR GARDEN IN THE RAIN Rain, rain everywhere. Here we first thought that everything would dry up this summer, and now it doesn’t stop raining. […]
15. August 2023

How to Advise on Weddings from afar

How to Advise on Weddings from afar With the month of May traditionally start the big celebrations such as weddings. All that has been planned for […]
15. August 2023

The Beach Set Made with Complete the Look

THE BEACH SET MADE WITH COMPLETE THE LOOK Summer is here and with it beach time. Sunshine, clear water, refreshing sea breeze – the beach is […]
14. August 2023

What You Need at a Festival

WHAT YOU NEED AT A FESTIVAL Festival Season has started! You want to go there especially well equipped to enjoy the event all the more. Your […]
14. August 2023

4 Myths when Working with AI

4 Myths when Working with AI Myths concerning working with AI are omnipresent these days. It contributes to the most diverse areas of our lives and […]
14. August 2023

Why Email Marketing is Your Shop Window

Why Email Marketing is Your Shop Window Your shop window attracted a customer. You did everything you could to make her customer journey as pleasant as […]
8. March 2023

This is how layering is done right

The season of layering is here! You can support your customers by offering stylish but also functional combinations.