10. March 2020

#datadrivenPR – How to turn Data into Stories

Daten PR Abb.1: Zauberkugel der Mini Playback Show Abb.2 Cotton Made in Afrika, Initiative der OTTO Group Abb.3 Isabelle Ewald zeigt den Streitatlas der advoCard “Dates […]
21. February 2020

Predictive Analytics: Making predictions from data

In the last picalike workshop the data analysts and scientists Bendix Sältz and his colleague Dr. Christoph Ölschläger took us into the world of data, analysis […]
10. February 2020

Growth Hacking – Between Buzzword and relevant Marketing Tool

What actually is growth hacking? What’s behind this buzzword? How do you use it and how do you become a sought-after growth hacker yourself? Andreas Anding […]
20. December 2019

Workshop: Strategic Competitive Intelligence

As much as you would like to plan the next steps ahead, sometimes someone or, in this case, “something” simply upsets your plans. This was the […]
25. November 2019

Fashion Marketing & Predictive Analytics

Last week we were pleased to welcome marketing expert, book author and Professor of Brand Management at the Brand University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg, Germany, […]
17. September 2019

Customer Journey: The cornerstones of a detailed customer analysis

At yesterday’s workshop on “Customer Journey: The cornerstones of a detailed customer analysis” we welcomed Akanoo managing director and digital marketing expert Benjamin Ferreau. 17 participants […]
16. August 2019

Information extraction from websites (focus on product details)

Last Tuesday, a crowd of software developers and data specialists gathered in our company to listen to the words and tips of Timo Schulz. Timo is […]