15. August 2023

Talk with Sebastian about Bestseller and Trends

TALK WITH SEBASTIAN ABOUT BESTSELLER AND TRENDS Recently,  new features have been added to the Visualytics Suite: The ability to showcase the store’s bestsellers or current […]
14. August 2023

Olá, Team Belém

Olá, Team Belém After two weeks in Belém, Sebastian arrived back at Hamburg airport on Monday night. Normally, his business trips are not really worth mentioning, […]
14. August 2023

What Led to the Development of Complete the Look

What Led to the Development of Complete the Look Currently, our Visualytics working group is running at full speed. Many ideas for the Visualytics Suite are […]
13. March 2023

#datadrivenPR – How data become stories

An interview with Isabelle Ewald (OTTO Group)
7. March 2023

5 Questions for Douglas

Meet Douglas Oliveira! It has been a while since we last introduced a new team member! So it is time to change it. Douglas is part of […]
19. September 2022

Hans Guido on working in Germany and Brazil

Almost exactly one year ago, our developer Hans Guido Steffen Costa packed his bags and moved back to Brazil. But luckily we still see him regularly […]
19. September 2022

5 Questions for Otávio

Since August 1st Luiz Otávio dos Santos Mascarenhas (what a name! For us simply Otávio) strengthens the developer team. With his enthusiasm and drive he fits […]
2. August 2021

Interview with Sandra Repking Part 2

Here you can read part 2 of our interview with purchasing expert Sandra Repking. This part is all about the support that tools such as OSA provide for purchasing planning.
28. July 2021

How to buy the perfect goods?

To ensure that OSA continues to develop in the best possible way, we regularly exchange ideas with experts from a wide range of fields. This time with all-round expert Sandra Repking about purchasing.