Slipover – the racer in the current street style

Trend slipover

The layered look (also called onion look) is always back in trend. What makes this look the eternal comeback trend? For one, it’s perfect for this fickle weather and made for it. Also, layering is cozy and can often be put together with pieces from your own closet. Combined with a new it-piece, it shines in new splendor.

This season, the slipover is our it-piece. Fashion experts from various glossy magazines predicted the trend quite some time ago. Will we really see this trend on the streets and in the socials? Or were the predictions wrong?

sarahwhnr Pullunder Instagram

We’ve been keeping a close eye on the sweater trend with OSA. It took a while, but now it has arrived! This is of course reflected in our data from the online stores. Within the last few days, there were numerous sweaters among the new ins, an overall increase of 28 percent. Here also a small evaluation of the color distribution:


But how is this street style styled correctly? We will gladly show you how the fashion pros wear the look, which parts they combine with each other and how to wear it sexy or casual. Let us inspire you!

First the most important garment: the slipover!

It is very popular, especially in oversized cut made of soft fabric. In an analysis of the favored colors, black slipovers are way out in front, followed by natural tones.


The shirt

Under the slipover, a shirt, also in oversize, is styled. Perfect is a white shirt, it makes the contrast to the sweater particularly strong. And should be found in almost every closet. Not in yours? But maybe you have a denim shirt in your closet, a comfortable and stylish alternative.

Slipover shirt

The under

You can do without the pants. However, with our current temperatures in Hamburg (1-13 °C) we recommend leggings or jeans for underneath. It is important that they should be in the background, so as neutral and inconspicuous as possible.


Another eye catcher

In contrast to the pants, the footwear can be a real eye-catcher. For this purpose, over-the-knee boots are particularly popular and also make it possible to wear the pants-free version of the outfit without freezing.

slipover boots

You have a fashion online store and want to provide such an outfit to your customers? With our Complete-the-Look tool that’s no problem at all.


Are such trend analyses also exciting for you, or do you also want to give trendy outfit recommendations in your online store that are never sold out? Then don’t hesitate and contact us!

What not to miss at Easter


After the dreary winter months, the holidays now give us reason for color! Because at Easter there should be no lack of color: Colorful eggs are sought or decorate bushes, colorful baskets dangle from children’s hands, colorful table decorations invite you to eat together. With so many colors spreading good cheer, you have to love the holidays. We’ve prepared you a little checklist of what definitely shouldn’t be missing! Our top 7 plus a family recipe!

The rubber boots

Egg hunting is only really fun if you can concentrate fully on the hunt without having to pay attention to the ground – and still keep your feet dry. Rubber boots are essential for this!


The rain jacket

In April, unfortunately, you have no guarantee of good weather (April, April, he does not know what he wants). However, we don’t want to let bad weather spoil our mood on these holidays and quickly buy a reliable rain jacket.


The basket

What is the best way to collect your freshly found treasures? In a cute little basket that can later be styled as a decorative highlight on windowsills, tables or on the balcony. And best of all, it can be used again next year when the next search is launched.


Colorful eggs

At Easter everything is under the motto: colorful! For a successful breakfast table or for coffee and cake, colorful plates and mugs look particularly harmonious. Now you can really let off steam. After all, the year still has enough days for the white dishes.


Colorful tableware

At Easter everything is under the motto: colorful! For a successful breakfast table or for coffee and cake, colorful plates and mugs look particularly harmonious. Now you can really let off steam. After all, the year still has enough days for the white dishes.


Easter cake

Speaking of coffee and cake: Carrot cake, gugelhupf with eggnog, lemon cake… Who would want to celebrate Easter without a delicious cake? Of course, it can also be nice to look at, with pretty decorations or in the shape of a lamb or a rabbit. Or as a mini version very practical for the walk by the lake.

Easter - Cake

The eggnog

Every year at Easter, the dear grandmothers get homemade eggnog from us. Whether drunk in style from a fine shot glass or enjoyed from a chocolate cup – eggnog is a firm part of Easter for us. And it’s easy to make yourself. Would you like to try it too? Here is our recipe. All you need is 8 eggs, 250 g powdered sugar, 375 ml condensed milk, 1 pck. vanilla sugar, 250 ml Havana rum. First separate the eggs, then beat the yolks with the vanilla sugar, stir in the powdered sugar, condensed milk and rum. Now heat everything in a bain-marie while stirring constantly until it thickens. Only please do not boil, otherwise the egg will curdle! Then quickly fill into bottles and it’s ready!


Now you are perfectly prepared for the upcoming Easter days and we wish you Happy Easter!

Identify the hot sales days at a glance

Some days are more reduced than others. Some stores reduce more than others. Some prefer to reduce evenly, others have promotion days when they reduce especially much, and then it’s back to business as usual. These are just a few reasons that make observing the sales periods of the various stores so exciting. All the better if you can get so much information easily at a glance.

That’s why we would like to introduce you to our Sales Map!

With the overview of our sales map you can see at first glance through the different color shades in which period much or little was reduced. The heat map highlights the period in which things were particularly hot. But of course this is still very general.

Mit dem Überblick unserer Sales Map erkennst du gleich auf dem ersten Blick durch die verschiedenen Farbnuancen, in welchem Zeitraum viel oder wenig reduziert wurde. Durch die Heatmap wird der Zeitraum hervorgehoben, an dem es besonders heiß herging. Aber das ist natürlich noch sehr allgemein.

Sales Map 1

To break it down in more detail, you just need to tick a box and you will find out more details about the selected period.

Um es genauer aufzuschlüsseln, muss man nur ein Kästchen anklicken, schon erfährt man weitere Details zu dem gewählten Zeitraum.

Sales Map 2

However, since this is not enough for us and we attach great importance to very detailed and accurate information, you can further specify everything with the filters. For example, you can filter by category, competitor, gender, or time period to get a heatmap for exactly this information.

Da uns das aber noch nicht reicht und wir einen großen Wert auf sehr detaillierte und genaue Informationen legen, kann man mit den Filtern alles noch weiter präzisieren. Hier kann man zum Beispiel nach Kategorien, Wettbewerber, Gender oder Zeitraum filtern und somit eine Heatmap für genau diese Angaben erhalten.

Sales Map 3

You can’t get much faster and more detailed information about your competitors’ sales activities. Would you like to have a look at the sales map of your competitors? Then arrange a demo and save yourself a lot of time and effort!

A conversation about adSoul, automations and marketing in 2021


Today we would like to introduce you to Thomas Ziegler and adSoul, the automation solution for paid search marketing. It enables online stores, for example, to place more detailed ads more quickly. Because it’s time to take a look beyond Picalike and see what’s exciting around us. And what our partner company has to offer is definitely exciting!


Dear Thomas, thank you for letting me ask you these questions! Let's start right away with the first question about marketing: How do you think marketing in general has changed in the last year due to the special circumstances?

Like many other industries and disciplines, marketing has not been made any easier by the global pandemic. However, I believe that we in digital marketing are in a very privileged position because most of us can work from home, most jobs have been preserved (except for certain industries like travel, of course), and even though 2020 brought many challenges, we as marketeers have drawn a very bearable lot. Nevertheless, marketing also had to adapt in many places. Last year, for example, we wanted to visit 18 trade fairs and conferences in order to make adSoul even better known there and to give interested parties an insight into our solution. On-site events were cancelled by the dozen, and the digital counterparts, as well thought of as they were, unfortunately couldn’t even begin to compensate. We had to make up for that, and the channel of choice was, of course, digital. So the pressure on online marketing was once again increased significantly and the increased competition on Google, LinkedIn and Co. naturally caused prices to skyrocket.

But it wasn’t just direct contact with customers through events that was eliminated; the all-important training opportunities for our own employees also fell away for the time being. The very dynamic environment in the digital industry means that there is a lot of pressure to learn and adapt. Fancy events required a significant effort to not completely neglect the know-how update, but also the almost even more important networking.

Working itself has changed a lot in marketing, as it has in many other professional fields. Due to home offices, we had to internalize a new way of working. Increased need for coordination and more time in the organization of information flow are just two of the points that were added to the normal and the above-mentioned efforts. Nevertheless, we experienced a very good year economically and were able to grow strongly, especially through marketing.

After initial uncertainty, our potential customers also discovered the need for digitization and automation even more strongly for themselves, and in the second half of the year in particular we held very, very many digital appointments. That was hardly the case before. But I think it will remain an integral part of marketing in the future, and here especially also of CRM. Not only does this reduce costs, but the frequency of exchange can also be intensified and even smaller topics and issues can be clarified quickly and easily.

Before you came to marketing automation, you worked for many years in marketing for various large online stores (Witt Weiden, Peter Hahn). What is the most important lesson you learned there?


In my years working in digital marketing for large multichannel retailers, I’ve come to realize one thing: There’s always enough to do and never enough time to get everything done that you’d like to tackle. Planning, prioritization and fast, agile adaptation are among the most important soft skills needed.
The environment is highly dynamic and progresses extremely quickly. If you want to be in the game, you have to keep developing. And that in many different areas. Creativity, organizational and communication skills, data analytics and tech-savyness, and a high level of empathy for the target group are areas that don’t usually go hand in hand, but are nevertheless almost a basic requirement for good online marketing.

How did you actually get into marketing?

In 2008, I had dealt with the topic of e-commerce in the context of self-employment alongside my studies. Especially with the need to bring traffic to the site of an own online store. I taught myself the most important marketing channels. Search engine marketing excited me right away, because it generates direct measurability very quickly. Especially when you’re just starting out, this is incredibly helpful for learning quickly and developing yourself further. It’s also incredibly motivating to see what happens because you do this or that.


I also think that the mechanisms behind SEA show a very good general understanding of the respective business model in total. Due to the direct measurability, you are always quite quickly one step further in the metrics. The topic of customer lifetime value was in our minds from the very beginning when it came to management. Due to the enormous transparency, we also had to deal with tracking and the functioning of store systems early on and were able to put the knowledge on an even broader basis here as well.

13 years later: What do you think will change now in 2021 after the very special 2020?

As I mentioned earlier, it is not only in marketing that there has been a significant shift toward digitization. This has also made online marketing even more important, and in a market that is already characterized by a shortage of experts and talent, this increases the pressure on the efficiency of the working time used. Automation, and I am firmly convinced of this, helps us to achieve more. Because by automating time-consuming tasks, I have more time to take care of other things. Whether it’s defining new growth areas, optimizing existing measures, or even better coordinating measures with each other. Marketing automation will therefore continue to grow significantly in importance over the next few years and will continue to accelerate for the reasons mentioned (shortage of skilled workers and rapid growth in demand).
It remains exciting to see to what extent remote working will have an impact.

New Year's was a while ago, but still: What do you wish for 2021?

For adSoul, I wish that we continue to successfully follow the path we have chosen and further our mission of freeing people from tasks that add little value but are necessary. For all of us, I wish that we can overcome the pandemic as quickly as possible and minimize the tragic losses of loved ones by acting responsibly and in solidarity.

And what should every company pay special attention to in the coming year?

People First. 2020 has demanded a lot from the companies, but it’s mainly the employees who have managed it. I’m incredibly proud of what our team achieved last year, but I’m even more proud of the “how”. Our employees have taken the already high level of personal responsibility to another level. Despite the difficult circumstances for all of us, they have tirelessly given their best to the common goal, and without the people behind adSoul, we would not be where we are today.

Thank you for the detailed and interesting answers!

With Complete the Look to the romantic candlelight dinner

We have already introduced you to how to decorate whole rooms chic. But it doesn’t always have to be whole rooms. What about a romantic candlelight dinner, for example? This year we only have the option to spend Valentine’s Day at home, with home-cooked or self-ordered food. It will certainly help some people to get recommendations on how to set their table in a particularly atmospheric way. You can see how easy it is to offer customers these recommendations with Complete the Look here!

Super easy and quick, right? It works just like you would make outfit or room decor recommendations. Only you don’t choose 1 piece of clothing and then other pieces of clothing and accessories or different furniture and furnishings. In this case, we picked a nice table that we would like to sit at for a candlelight dinner. Next, we then thought about what else we would need for a romantic table: Tablecloth, plates, elegant glasses and candlesticks. All products to match our style. We used the sliders to set the alternatives and then saved them. The look is ready!

This shows once again how flexible Complete the Look is! All it takes is a bit of imagination and you can create all sorts of different recommendation combos! How about breakfast in bed, for example? A small party on the balcony? An afternoon of reading in the study? A fitness session in the bedroom? Everything is possible!


Save valuable time with Shop Intelligence

Shop Intelligence

Whether you’re writing a book or developing a marketing campaign, the most time-consuming part is always the research. Because most of the time, a lot of research has to be done. You need reliable and accurate answers to questions like: What are the others offering? What do we have to compete with? How does the competitor make shopping easier for X customers? What products is he currently pushing? What special promotions are running? Are freebies being distributed? And that’s for every single competitor. You can’t get that much information with just a few clicks. Or maybe you can?

In fact, our Shop Intelligence can answer all these questions. Easily, quickly and accurately. How? Firstly, by analyzing the newsletters of competitors – after all, newsletters are the information carriers of all.

Shop Intelligence

With them, the stores present trends and promotions to their customers, entice them with offers and freebies. And as the name implies: You always find out the latest (news). With Newsletter Intelligence it is possible to look at the collected newsletters of competitors at a glance and get a general insight, browse through the collected newsletters and even look at their frequency.

However, if the flood of newsletters threatens to overwhelm or you want to get a specific information faster, it is possible to get targeted results with filters. For example, you can filter by competitors, time period, specials such as gifts and discounts. Just like with the overview, it is also possible to click directly into the newsletters and get an exact picture.

Shop Intelligence

But our Shop Intelligence can do even more! In the general overview, you can quickly see the various services that are offered to customers. This way, you can quickly see what is really popular and most widely represented – and whether you should perhaps also offer Click & Collect, for example?

Shop Intelligence

But even this information can be scaled down to provide precise answers to individual questions, because under the Shop Details tab, competitors can be viewed individually with a list of the services they offer.

Shop Intelligence

Research doesn’t get much easier and faster than this. Would you also like to quickly research how your competitors are doing? Then why not arrange a demo and save yourself a lot of time and effort!

What can fitness cost? OnSight takes a close look at sweatpants


With the start of the new year, sales figures for sportswear are also on the rise. Sweatpants in particular should now no longer just be the waist-down dress at work or the garment of choice on the couch, but also help put New Year’s resolutions into action. In keeping with the jogging pants’ day of honor on January 21, we used our Market Intelligence solution to analyze the right price for this garment.

The sweatpants, our faithful companion, and not only since so many in Germany make home office as never before. Which are the most popular, how much do they cost on average, which colors are in? We asked ourselves these and other questions and analyzed the data from 15 relevant German online stores using our market intelligence solution OnSight Analytics.

Jogging pants for 2400 euros at Zalando

For our analysis, OnSight provided us with surprising results. Who would have thought that there are sweatpants for 2400 euros? Found them at Zalando, but they are no longer in the range. I wonder if they are sold out? The black sweatpants with 4 decorative stripes on the left thigh for 1250 by Thom Browne is still on sale at Yoox.

Fitness_Price range

Brand interest score shows DSQUARED2 in 2nd place

Another surprise was the brand interest score. If one had previously suspected that Nike and Adidas were the closest, the data collection now showed that between the two brands there are 4 other brands that consumers prefer (the brands include, for example, DSQUARED2 and Juvia).


The color interest score, on the other hand, did not come as a big surprise, with black and gray largely dominating and other colors only slightly represented.


If you want to learn more about OnSight, what is analyzed, what data is collected, how Picalike supports online stores with the tool, feel free to contact us at any time!

Cozy home accessories for uncomfortable days

Cozy home accessories

The nights are long, life hardly takes place on the street or in the garden, the weather invites to a warm tea with pastries or series evening. It must be really cozy at home!

Here we present you 9 home accessories that will make any home glow with warmth and guaranteed to keep the cold out.

1. Fluffy Blankets

No series evening should be without them, cuddly plaids to snuggle up on the couch. It doesn’t matter whether they are knitted loosely or made of soft, woven fabric. The main thing is that they keep you warm and feel cozy against your skin. And if it gets bloody or scary, just hide your head underneath!

Cozy home accessories - Blanket
Cozy home accessories - Blanket
Cozy home accessories - Blanket
Cozy home accessories - Blanket
Cozy home accessories
Gemütliche Wohnaccessoires

2. Cozy Poufs

It doesn’t always have to be the quaint wing chair from grandpa. Sometimes it can also be a small pouf, on which you sit around the coffee table. This is very practical, for example, for the chocolate fondue, because who needs a backrest? With coarse knit it fits twice as well to cool autumn days and invites you to sit down and relax drinking tea.

3. Noble Velvet Pillow Cases

They are not just for kings! Those in need of cuddling are also welcome to snuggle up to them and enjoy the soft fabric. In gemstone colors they now shine on sofas and armchairs and give the room noble accents.

Cozy home accessories
Cozy home accessories
Gemütliche Wohnaccessoires
Gemütliche Wohnaccessoires
Cozy home accessories
Gemütliche Wohnaccessoires

4. Luminous Lanterns

They make both the apartment and the balcony sparkle with their warm light. Who would want to do without them? For autumn fit very nicely those in warm colors. Or simply decorate large glass lanterns with colorful leaves, chestnuts and LED candles, paying homage to the season.

5. Romantic Vases

They make every table, whether large table or small side table, an eye-catcher: vases! Romantic and playful they may be this season, to spread a little enchanted country house idyll. If you don’t get around to getting fresh flowers every few days, you can equip them with a few dried flowers in keeping with the current trend.

Cozy home accessories
Cozy home accessories
Cozy home accessories
Cozy home accessories
Cozy home accessories
Cozy home accessories

6. Warm Knit Pillow Cases

Somehow knitwear is always in high demand on uncomfortable days: XXL knitted scarves, knitted sweaters, knitted dresses, thick woolen stockings… So why not knitted cushion covers? The diverse yarnwork exudes coziness and comfort in any form. With knit patterns reminiscent of your favorite knit sweater, they take our hearts by storm. Then with shiny lurex threads they make it sparkle.

7. Rustic Candlesticks

They always remind of ski huts in Bavaria or noble country houses in Norway: rustic candle holders made of wood. This fine material from the forests spreads a cozy atmosphere on the table and windowsills and brings us a little nature into the house.

Rustikale Kerzenhalter
Cozy home accessories
Cozy home accessories

8. Cuddly Faux Fur

Real fur is not everyone’s cup of tea. But with fluffy faux fur you can not go wrong, whether on an armchair for extra warmth or under a pouf for warm feet or simply decorated as an accent directly on the stool. They also sometimes come in bright colors, because you can also look at them with pleasure that they are fake!

9. Fancy Table Lamps

Since you can’t have enough light sources to provide you with warm light in this dark time, you can’t miss out on small table lamps. So that they do not look like straight out of grandma’s bedroom, they come in fancy shapes. So they are a chic eye-catcher on any side table.

Cozy home accessories
Cozy home accessories

Accessories for the cold seasons are herd animals. Pillows come in abundance on the couch, plaids are combined with the pillows, candlesticks join vases. We save the minimalism for another season.

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Give Furnishing tips with Complete the Look

Those who know us also know Complete the Look, our recommendation tool. It can be used to create Looks (previously Picalike slang for outfits) that can be scaled across the entire range with just a few clicks. So a Look is kept alive almost indefinitely thanks to our unique image recognition and artificial intelligence. (For a quick look, check out our video)

What CTL looks like practically for fashion online stores?

This can be seen in the example of our customer Madeleine. Complete the Look is used there under the designation “Matches”. Picalike’s image recognition technology suggests other items that could go with the desired blazer, for example. But not only that. With its similarity analysis, the tool searches Madeleine’s entire product range for other items that can be used to replace a product if it is sold out. This creates a win-win situation for the customer and the retailer, as it suggests a never-out-of-stock feeling and Madeleine can play out the entire range of its assortment without having to manually enter new outfit suggestions into the CRM every day. (For more information: here is our case study on Madeleine)

This is all old hat?

Then here comes the big news: the beautiful word “looks” from Complete the Look is no longer limited to outfits! Because now, with our technology, it’s also possible to furnish rooms. Especially now, when so much time is spent in one’s own four walls, it is even more important to furnish oneself in a way that one likes to be at home. This is also clearly shown by the statistics on what was shopped for online last year in particular. Of course, we want to support our customers and help them achieve even better sales.

What CTL looks like in practical terms for furnishing online stores, in turn?

You can see this very well in the example of another of our customers. The store itself can create countless living styles, completely without elaborate photo shoots. In the following example, a room is decorated in a cozy country style.

Furnishing tips
Furnishing tips
Furnishing tips

And the look is already online and “re-buyable”. Just like the Madeleine example, sold-out items are always replaced and scaled across the entire range. With little effort, a very diverse result is achieved.

Sounds exciting? Then try our demo!

Get relevant informations fast with Newsletter Intelligence

Newsletter Intelligence

The time between the holidays is known to be used for resting. Not so with us. We are busy developing, optimizing and researching. The result is a number of new features in our OnSight Analytics tool. To present all of them now would go beyond the scope of this article… And what fun would it be to shoot all the powder at once instead of finely portioning it and thus benefiting from it for a longer period of time?

Be curious what we have to report in the near future!

But now to an exciting new feature: the Newsletter Intelligence!

What is the Newsletter Intelligence?

With one glance you can see how many newsletters have been sent. When you mouse-over the points, you will receive several pieces of information, for example: How many newsletters were sent on this day? In addition, you can find out which coupons are offered, which collections and freebies are advertised. Of course, you can also click on the individual newsletters from this date below to take a closer look.

Newsletter Intelligence

Instead of subscribing to your competitors’ newsletters yourself and going through them manually, you can let OnSight analyze tens of newsletters for you and stay up to date with your competitors’ marketing strategies.

Newsletter Intelligence

Are you curious? Then test our demo and see for yourself what is possible!